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Superior Gundrilling
1838 Remell Flint MI 48503
Ph: 810-744-1112
Fax: 810-744-1821

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce SUPERIOR GUNDRILLING and our service to you.

Gundrilling is a widely misunderstood manufacturing process, considered to be a last resort for drilling deep holes. However, today gundrilling has become a cost-effective drilling technique for everyday production of shallow or deep precision holes.

Note the advantages associated with Superior Gundrilling.

  • Required tolerances and surface finishes are secured in one pass, with a penetration rate equal to or better than that of conventional drilling methods.
  • De burring, reaming, honing, work hardening and other secondary steps are eliminated. Results: less set up, no extra tools needed, which saves you time and money.
  • Cast iron, aluminum, brass, molybdenum, steel, heat treated stainless - and many other materials ordinarily too tough to drill - are easy drilled.
  • Precision holes with a depth-to-diameter ratios much greater than those obtained by traditional methods. ID tolerances to +/- .0005 inch, with 16 micro inch finish possible.
  • Holes from .055 to 1.062 in diameter - up to 28 through depth are held to specifications throughout a production run.
  • We achieve straightness to .001 per foot of depth concentricity to .001 /1 T.I.R. and better.
  • We perform difficult drilling operations: angular and flat bottom geometries angular, round or curved surface entry, overlapping holes, holes in stacked parts, multi-diameter holes, cross holes.

SUPERIOR GUNDRILLING is a specialized service, dedicated to fast turnaround and quality gundrilled holes.
Please feel free to call or fax me for any further information or quotes you might need.

Brian J. Aseltine
Superior Gundrilling

Superior Gundrilling • 1838 Remell • Flint, MI 48503
Ph: 810-744-1112  Fax: 810-744-1821  Email:

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